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801 Series

801 Series

Push-Lok Low Pressure Rubber Multipurpose Hose

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Part # Availability Price
801-8-BLU-RL In Stock $4.95
801-12-BLK-RL In Stock $8.58
801-6-BLK-RL In Stock $4.28
801-16-RED-RL In Stock $11.35
801-6-GRA-RL In Stock $4.28
801-8-BLK-RL In Stock $4.95
801-8-RED-RL In Stock $4.95
801-10-BLK-RL In Stock $6.88
801-4-BLU-RL In Stock $3.43
801-12-GRA-RL In Stock $8.58
801-6-RED-RL In Stock $4.28
801-16-GRA-RL In Stock $11.35
801-10-GRA-RL In Stock $6.88
801-8-GRA-RL In Stock $4.95
801-6-BLU-RL In Stock $4.28
801-12-YEL-RL In Stock $8.58
801-16-BLU-RL In Stock $11.35
801-12-BLU-RL In Stock $8.58
801-16-BLK-RL In Stock $11.35
801-16-YEL-RL In Stock $11.35
Multipurpose Push-on hose available in grey, red, yellow, blue, green and black. For use with pneumatic, petroleum base hydraulic fluid, lubricating oils and antifreeze solutions. Diesel fuel - approved only when coupled with HY Series fittings. Inner Tube: Synthetic rubber. Reinforcement: One fiber braid. Cover: Synthetic rubber, MSHA accepted

Application: Multipurpose
Specific Application: Pneumatic, petroleum base hydraulic fluid, lubricating oils and antifreeze solutions