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10 Series Coupler - Male Pipe

10 Series Coupler - Male Pipe

Tru-Flate Pneumatic Manual Connect

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B12A In Stock $24.13
B12 In Stock $20.92
B12N In Stock $23.03
B12E In Stock $25.60
14C In Stock $34.64
14 In Stock $31.84
B14 In Stock $49.05
14F In Stock $37.26
16E In Stock $34.46
16 In Stock $33.10
B16 In Stock $41.18
16G In Stock $36.31
Parker 10 Series Tru-Flate Quick Disconnect Coupler are general purpose, single shut off, manual sleeve, quick disconnects. The manual ball locking mechanism requires two-handed operation to retract the sleeve for connection or disconnection.